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Multi-award winning financial advice to create wealth, happiness and freedom.

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Want to be retirement ready?

Living the retirement you want starts with planning for it. Our guidebook offers step-by-step advice to help you navigate your
way to a better life in retirement, with less worries.

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Meet Ann

Once uncertain about her options and financial future, now Ann has a plan, confidence and is achieving more than she thought was possible.

Meet Jim

Jim knew he could be making better choices, so he contacted Verse. Now he’s got financial freedom, the right investments and can live without the worry.

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It’s not just about money,
it’s about your entire life.

A good financial adviser gets to know your money. A great financial adviser gets to know you. Money is just fuel for living the life you want, which means something different to everyone.

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Helping you make the big decisions about whether to invest, contribute to super, pay debt, buy a new home, start a business, sell assets and much more. It’s about the balance of achieving your goals, limiting stresses and growing your wealth to create freedom in the future.

Cash Flow

Getting your cash flow right is essential. You’re never going to achieve your goals if you can’t manage your money. We help people take control of their money by bringing structure, accountability and clarity to what you spend, and increasing your savings.


We create diversified and transparent portfolios that are aligned to what you’re trying to achieve. We’ll educate you, set realistic expectations and manage your emotions through the ups and downs of markets. We use independent research, analysis and ratings to support our recommendations, to ensure your assets are in good hands at all times.


Choosing a fund, getting the investment mix right, making contributions and more. We’ll make the complexities of super seem simple, so you can maximise your nest egg and have the confidence that your future will be just fine.

Retirement planning

Ensuring you live the retirement you deserve takes careful planning. As you get closer, we’ll map out a strategy to maximise your super, consider more conservative investment strategies to reduce portfolio losses and use modelling to anticipate your capacity to live your best life through retirement.


You shouldn’t pay more tax than you need to, as less tax means more money to create your best life. We’ll help you use the rules to your advantage, by investing tax effectively, maximising deductions and working with the right accountant.


Whether it’s getting into your dream home, first home or investing through property, we’ll help ensure you avoid common property mistakes. We will guide you through the property buying process with the help of exceptional mortgage brokers and property specialists.


We’re your Financial Coach. That means things like improving your relationship with money, keeping you accountable, leaning into hard conversations, steering you away from the herd and managing your emotions during rollercoaster investment markets.

Debt management

We’ll guide your decisions about what debt to take on and create a strategy to pay it down. We’ll work closely with your mortgage broker to ensure you debts are always well structured and you’re not paying more interest than you should.

Employer share schemes

If you’re working for a tech start-up or listed company, we can help navigate the complexities and sometimes life-changing opportunities of RSU schemes, ESPP offers and ESS. We’ll help you make important decisions around risk, diversification, capital gains and more.


We determine the risks relevant to your situation and advise you on the right insurance cover to protect you and the family. We don’t take commissions, which means cheaper cover for you.

Estate planning

Transferring wealth to future generations is about more than what you leave in your will. We’ll guide you through the choices that influence how effectively you pass resources onto loves ones and ensure your intentions are aligned with your plans.

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