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Making good money but not making the most of it? Unsure on strategy? Thinking but not acting? Whatever it is, you’ve come to the right place. In Verse, you’ll have an adviser, guide and coach. Seeing you achieve goals, eliminate worries and live your best life, is why we get out of bed.


Make real progress.

Not making the financial progress that reflects your hard work? You’re not alone. The right advice will help you save more, invest better, improve net worth and most importantly, achieve the things that matter to you. 

Stress less, more time.

It’s common for people to worry about money, at least until they get started with us. We’ll work out what’s behind the financial stresses, resolve them and free up your time and energy for what’s important.  

A sense of control. 

Many of us feel like our finances are out of control and beyond our capabilities. A smart strategy supported by clarity, structure and accountability will have you feeling like the boss of your finances in no time. 

Avoid money mistakes. 

Your progress is as much defined by what you get right, as by what you get wrong. Sidestepping dodgy investment choices and false assumptions is essential to creating and keeping momentum. 

Confident about the future. 

Feeling uncertain about the future? It’s hard to know how our decisions and actions will impact our future selves and lifestyle. We join these dots and turn uncertainty into certainty.

“Verse took the time to learn our situation, our goals and ask often confronting questions about what we wanted. The result has been a much more structured approach to our finances, understanding of where we are and what we need to do to achieve what we want.”

James and Jeff

“With the tailored advice from the team at Verse, we have the confidence to make well informed decisions to pursue our goals.”

Jono and Susie

“While we’ve been busy with life, Corey and the team are doing a great job structuring our finances and helping us plan for a life on the beach, under a palm tree. Verse put our priorities and aspirations first. We highly recommend them.”

Michael and Elyssa

“Verse really took the time to get to know us and understand our values and goals. Now we have a financial strategy has given us confidence in our long term direction and the peace of mind.”

Nat and Sarah

“They’ve helped us feel more in control of our finances by developing a longer term strategy, which has given us confidence and peace of mind that we have a sound financial plan leading up to retirement.”

Neville and Glenys

“The whole Verse Team have been an absolute pleasure to work with right from the start. They have in-depth knowledge of a lot of financial concepts that are beyond us, but also the capability to explain these in a concise manner.”

Ranay and Michael




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