It’s wildly different
to most of the industry. 

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It’s not just about money - it’s about your entire life. Money is just fuel for living the life you want, which means something different to everyone.


Your life is your life, and financial advice needs to reflect it. We’ll align your strategy and decision making to what you value most. There’s nothing cookie cutter here.

Made Simple.

No one wants to be overwhelmed with financial jargon and industry speak. We’re obsessed with simplicity, so you’re empowered and feel in control.

We Make
You Money.

Let’s cut to the chase, you’ve got goals but you’re here to make money. Our depth of knowledge, experience and access to professional networks will make sure you do.

No Commissions,
No Kickbacks.

We’re not aligned to any financial products and don’t take commissions. That’s the traditional financial advice industry.  

Your Whole
Financial Life.

We manage your entire financial life by surrounding you with the right experts, at the right time. We’re always collaborating so nothing is missed, as everything counts. 

The Process

Introductory Chat

A free video session to work out if we’re a fit. We’ll seek to understand your motivations for wanting advice and let you know if there’s value in working together. We'll also give you a chance to ask any important questions up front. Once booked, you’ll get an email and SMS to let you know how to prepare for the Introductory Chat.

My Best Life

Let’s get clarity on your 'Best Life'. It may be a combination of achieving goals, having experiences, eliminating worries and improving lifestyle by creating more time, freedom and choice. We’ll also go through all aspects of your financial life, so we have a clear understanding of where you’re at right now.


We’ll paint a picture of what we can achieve together. We’ll explain the areas where we’ll add value, what should be prioritised and how you need to evolve your financial thinking. In this session, we’ll provide you with a Client Agreement to confirm the service and fees.

Advice and Guidance

Over the first few months together, we’ll get you financially organised, develop strategy and get you taking action. Beyond that, we’ll be in your corner consistently to help you navigate the uncertain journey of life. Whether it’s having children, the career change, a scary new mortgage, failed relationships, falling markets, or just changes to tax, interest rates and super; Verse will help you bounce through it all.

Traditional financial advice has focussed on sales, products and commissions. We’re obsessed with people, value and impact.




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