We need your vote - Corey Wastle - FS Power 50 List

We need your vote - Corey Wastle - FS Power 50 List

Our founder and CEO, Corey Wastle has been shortlisted for the 2021 FS Power50 list of the Most Influential Advisers in Australia – from more than 15,000 Advisers nationwide. 

To make the Top 50, he needs votes – this is where you come in!

You can vote for Corey via the VOTE NOW button below!

It takes less than 60 seconds.

Voting closes on September 3.

A little snapshot of Corey’s influence on financial advice in Australia…

In January 2015, Corey founded Verse with a clear purpose - to help people live the life they want.

His belief has always been that financial advice is not just about money - it’s about your entire life. Money is just fuel for living the life you want, which means something different to everyone. It’s about helping people make great choices to maximise the quality of their life, not just their assets - and it’s what has always driven Corey as a Financial Adviser. It's why he left CBA in 2014 to start a firm with the intent of taking the traditional financial advice model that hasn’t worked for Australians, and redesign it to be more personal, impactful and valuable.

Since then, Verse has grown to become a leader in what it means to be a modern advice firm with our values and intention-led approach. The client experience at Verse is talked about across the industry and considered ‘world-class’, as measured by the global metric for customer satisfaction known as Net Promoter Score (NPS). Under his guidance we have won numerous awards including the inaugural FPA Advice Innovation Award in 2020 – but we keep working every day to make the experience for our clients even better.

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