Market and economic update | COVID-19 | 23rd May 2020

Market and economic update | COVID-19 | 23rd May 2020

In recent weeks we have seen the continued slow but sure removal of restrictions in Australia, some positive vaccine news, trade tensions emerge with China and last night's announcement from the federal government that the JobKeeper scheme is now likely to cost $70 billion, rather than the initial $130 billion forecasts.

Verse Financial Advisers Corey Wastle and Ashley Bishop have joined forces from their home offices to provide some insight into these developments. In this video, they cover the questions of:

- What are the likely impacts of the government's $60 billion JobKeeper error?
- What may Vaccine announcements do to the market?
- How may tensions with China impact the market and economy?

If you feel like you'd like to talk with your Verse Adviser about the current market and any potential impact on your personal strategy, feel free to get in touch and we'll make time to chat.

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