Verse now provides mortgage broking services

Verse now provides mortgage broking services

It's with excitement that we let you know that we can now assist with all your lending requirements.

Since our founding in 2015 we have worked closely with external mortgage brokers however have decided to bring the mortgage broking service to Verse for one primary reason: being able to provide lending advice to clients more seamlessly will improve the client experience by saving you time, and the complexity of dealing with multiple financial services businesses.

A bit about Tim Dang, our mortgage broker at Verse.

Tim has been in banking & finance for over 18 years, and has successfully ran his own mortgage broking business for the past 7 years. He is well versed when it comes to strategy, lenders and products (pun 100% intended). When Tim is not helping clients buy their dream home or better organise their debts, he can be found surfing down on Victoria's Surf Coast or with a paintbrush in hand renovating investment properties.

If you'd like to chat with Tim about your current debts or plans to take on new debt, you can book in a free 30-minute Zoom by clicking here.

With interest rates rising rapidly and many fixed rate terms soon expiring, it's likely now is a good time to review your loans.

How can we help?

With various loans and needs.

We can assist with home loans, investment property loans, refinancing, construction & renovation loans, commercial loans or consolidating existing debts to get control of your finances.

By getting your loan structure right.
Lending advice is about more than just finding the lowest rate. It’s about structuring loans from a tax perspective, aligning your debts to your financial plan, and making them easy to manage.

By getting you a better rate.
While there is more to great lending advice than just finding the cheapest rate, low rates matter and we can help you get them. Less interest to the bank, means more money in your pocket.

With choosing the right lender.
With countless lenders offering different rates, terms, fees, benefits and penalties, finding the best option can be bamboozling. We’ll turn this confusion into clarity.

By making the whole process easy.
Sometimes difficult and always time consuming, we’ll do the heavy lifting with paperwork, lodging your application and liaising with lenders - so you don’t have to.

Who can we help?

1. Clients.
2. Your family, friends and colleagues.
3. Anyone with debt or planning to take on debt.

If you'd like to chat with Tim about your current debts or plans to take on new debt, you can book in a free 30-minute Zoom by clicking here.

We've got access to an extensive range of lenders.

Verse Mortgages Pty Ltd is our associated, in-house mortgage broking service operating under BLSSA Pty Ltd Australian Credit Licence No.542908. Verse Mortgages Pty Ltd is a wholly owned entity of Verse Group Holdings Pty Ltd. No referral payments or other incentive is received by Verse Wealth or any Verse Wealth Financial Advisers for referring to Verse Mortgages Pty Ltd. Please note that Verse Wealth Licensee Services Pty Ltd or Verse Wealth Pty Ltd is not responsible for the advice and services provided by Verse Mortgages Pty Ltd.

The advice on this website may not be suitable to you because it contains general advice that has not been tailored to your personal circumstances. Please seek personal financial advice prior to acting on this information.

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