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You shouldn’t pay more tax than you need to, as less tax means more money to create your best life.

We’ll help you use the rules to your advantage, by investing tax effectively, maximising deductions and working with the right accountant.

We’ll help create strategies and manage investments to optimise the opportunities you have to reduce your tax - whether that be personally, via a trust, super or other entities. 

Managing your income and investments tax efficiently can include:

  • Selecting the right ownership structure for investments whether it’s individually, jointly, super, bond, family trust or company structure. 
  • Making tax-deductible contributions to system including the potential use of the catch-up system
  • Managing the timing of capital gains events
  • Creating tax-exempt pension accounts and managing the withdrawals and income streams
  • Structuring your debts to optimise tax benefits
  • Working with the right accountant

We don’t offer in-house tax & accounting services, but can work either with your accountant or help you foster a relationship with a new one.

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