Welcome to intentional investing.

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Ultimately, money is a resource to help you live the life you want. With this in mind, your investment decisions should be goal-driven, not just return driven. 

Your advisor will guide you through a collaborative process that takes the guesswork out of investing, so you’ve got clarity and confidence. 

Intention led.

We’ll align your approach to investing with your intentions and priorities, so your assets are truly working for you.

Beliefs and mindset.

Investment behaviours have a larger influence on investing outcomes than any other factor. This is why we’ll educate you and ensure you've got the right investor mindset. By doing this you’ll have less worries about markets, avoid surprises and better navigate volatile times.  

Value-add approach.

We believe that investors benefit from both a combination of index-based and active management investment styles, to manage risks and optimise returns. 

Backed by research.

We use independent research to support all investment recommendations. 

Global expertise.

We have access to the expertise of global teams who can draw on many decades of investment experience in various asset classes and geographies.

You’ll work with your advisor to clarify your priorities, understand your preferences and determine your ideal asset allocation, so we can connect your portfolio with your plan.


Incorporate a curated set of proven investment managers and strategies into your portfolio.

Risk, cost and
tax control

We’ll ensure you’re well diversified, costs are controlled and tax outcomes managed.

Performance management

Provide ongoing oversight and performance management on your portfolio.

Market trends

Research market and economic trends to keep you informed on what's impacting your assets.