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If you’re working for a tech start-up or listed company, we can help navigate the complexities and sometimes life-changing opportunities of RSU schemes, ESPP offers and ESS.

We’ll help you make important decisions around risk, diversification, capital gains and more.

For those fortunate and hard-working enough to have a lucrative employee share scheme, if managed well, they can set up your financial future or at least give you a big bump in that direction.

The opportunity is great, but the strategies and options are numerous and complicated.  
Do I sell, buy more, hold on for the long-term, or diversify? All options will have pros and cons to be carefully considered, and in the context of your priorities and intentions.

All options come with potentially different tax outcomes and even cash flow implications, which we’ll help you understand and navigate so that you’re making the right choices for you.

You’ll be dealing with grants, options, rights, and complicated tax arrangements.

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